Third course: (Tuesday February 2nd) will start at 1:30 pm as usual

Until further notice all courses shall take place via zoom following this link. Stay tuned to the mailing list for possible changes in the zoom link, and for other important announcements related to the course.

As soon as possible lessons shall take place in person or in hybrid mode.

19/01/2021zoom1) Inverse Problems & End-to-end Deep LearningS. Ladjalcours
26/01/2021zoom2) Inverse Problems & End-to-end Deep LearningS. Ladjalcours + TP
02/02/2021zoom3) Plug & PlayA. Almansacours + TP
09/02/2021zoom4) Plug & PlayA. Almansacours + TP
16/02/20215B075) AutoencodersA. Newsoncours + TP
23/02/20215B076) texture synthesisS. Ladjalcours + TP
02/03/20215B077) GANsA. Newsoncours + TP
09/03/20213A2098) Plug and play VAE priorsA. Almansacours + TP
30/03/20213A209project presentation

When in person, all courses shall take place at

Télécom Paris (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Institut Polytechnique de Paris)
19 place Marguerite Perey
F-91120 Palaiseau

Getting there